A Complete Water-Budgeting Solution

The Arable Mark is an all-in-one irrigation management tool, the first of its kind to synthesize both climate and plant data to produce actionable insights for your conditions. Save time, money, and preserve natural resources through informed decision-making, supervised remotely from your mobile device.

Make A Rain Check

Thermal and acoustic sensors replace labor-intensive rain gauges and invasive sap flow methods.
Rainfall measured to within 0.2mm/hr accuracy.
Hourly water stress and daily leaf water potential readings let you know how your plants are coping.

Out-of-the-Box Usability

Daily, automatic, plant-specific dynamic Kc and ETc calculations made just for you.
Sort your fields by ET, precipitation, or water stress to make a prioritized irrigation action plan.
Hands on or hands off, take a deep dive into responsible land stewardship with the most data-rich IoT device on the planet.

Real Savings on Center-Pivot Farms: A Case Study.

NE farmer Chase Johnson manages fields up to 50 miles apart. “I'd like to know reliably, how much did it rain and when, and how far do I have to drive to turn a pivot on or off?”
Knowing when to shut off his pivot remotely saved him 3 hours in the car, 1” of water per acre, and $500, more than paying for the Mark system.
"Between fuel and everything, it's probably close to $1,000 in savings," Johnson says. "It's a huge time saver."

Arable Mark

Make your mark with our all-in-one weather and crop monitor.

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Arable Mark Tech Specs

The field-level weather and crop monitoring device that collects over 40 different data streams.
  • Precipitation
  • Rainfall measured to within 0.2mm/hr
  • Surface Wetness for disease risk monitoring
  • Dew Detection
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Dynamic Kc
  • Canopy Temperature to within +/- 0.5C
  • Full Radiation Budget 4% margin of error
  • Radiation
  • Solar Radiation
  • PAR 6% daily total
  • Net Radiation 10% margin of error
  • Plant Health
  • Chlorophyll Index
  • Seven Band Spectrometer
  • Weather
  • Temperature to within +/- 0.75C
  • Relative Humidity to within +/- 3%
  • Pressure 0.1% margin of error
  • Harvest / Event Timing
  • Growing Degree Days
  • Chilling Hours
  • Frost Forecast
  • Integrations / Accessories
  • Flow Meter
  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Soil Moisture Probes
  • Pressure Switch/Transducer

Scientific-Grade Accuracy

The Arable Mark is calibrated against top-of-the-line scientific equipment.

Install in Seconds

From the industrial designers behind GoPro and Nest, the Arable Mark brings consumer ease to an industry-grade product.

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