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Will an Arable Mark work for me?

What is the Arable Mark?

The Arable Mark is the first device ever to link global weather data with in-field observations, producing actionable intel tailored to your conditions.

Does the Arable Mark work in any crop type? Will it work in any location?

Yes. As long as the Mark can perch above the canopy, it can measure the vegetation below it. The Mark will transmit data in any location with at least two bars of cellular connectivity.

What maintenance is required?

Gently wipe off the dome of the Mark with a damp, soapy cloth, ensuring that there are no suds left over. Dusty terrain or spray events may require more frequent cleaning.

Do you provide in-field installation support?

Because the Arable Mark is so simple to install, we do not work with any installation partners. You can install the device yourself, in minutes, without any bulky hardware or tools. No maintenance means fewer trips out to the field, with data reliably available anytime.

How many Arable Marks do I need?

We recommend one Arable Mark per management zone, crop or varietal type, microclimate, or hot spot.

How can I partner with Arable?

Visit the Grow With Arable page to find out more.

About Arable & the Arable Mark

What measurements does the Arable Mark provide? What can the Arable Mark do for me?

The Arable Mark provides over 40 points of data, including precipitation, temperature, pressure, radiation, humidity, leaf wetness, GDD, ET, crop water demand, NDVI, and much more, empowering you to make the best decisions about your fields. A few examples include: the ability to schedule your irrigation with insights on crop water deficits and evapotranspiration, analyze canopy data for any crop type in all kinds of weather, monitor plant stress with daily chlorophyll index and temperature readings, and track photosynthesis and growth with the help of NDVI measurements.

How often does the Arable Mark take measurements?

Every five minutes, the Mark records data measurements. These are aggregated every hour, and delivered to the customer on an hourly or daily basis, depending on the measurement taken.

Where will my data be available?

Your data is available through our easily accessible website and mobile application, or our online Arable Developer for a more customizable approach.

Check out what the Arable Mark can do here!

Visit the Mark 2 page.

How do I know if my data is accurate?

We use a global network of 36 calibration-validation sites to improve machine-learning models for accurate, reliable data. By constantly monitoring our own work, we ensure that our devices deliver the best possible data.

How do I purchase a Mark that’s right for me?

How do I buy it? What do I get with a subscription?

The Arable Mark 2 and accompanying solutions are available directly from Arable and its distributors, or through a number of value-adding solutions providers using Arable’s unique data to enhance their products. Click here to learn what plan is right for you. The product is sold by way of a hardware-enabled software as a service (HESaaS) subscription agreement. HESaaS enables the benefits of continuous machine learning and related model improvements to ensure that the device you’re using, and the data you’re getting, remain on the cutting edge; it also eliminates the risks of owning obsolescing infrastructure and provides continued flexibility into the future. The standard plans begin at a one-year minimum, with discounts available for longer-term commitments.

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