Capture. Predict. Act.

A global solution to managing weather risk and crop health, delivering real-time, actionable insights from your field.

An Integrated Analytics Platform

For growers, advisors, and businesses who play a proactive role in the quality and longevity of their operations.
The only device on the market to combine weather and plant measurements, sent to the cloud for retrieval anytime, anywhere.
Continuous visibility of stress, pest, and disease indicators provides an essential toolkit to empower the people who feed the world.
Access your data from anywhere in real time with the Arable software platform.

Arable Mark

Make your mark with our all-in-one weather and crop monitor.

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Arable Mark Tech Specs

The field-level weather and crop monitoring device that collects over 40 field-specific data metrics.
  • Precipitation
  • Rainfall measured to within 0.2mm/hr
  • Surface Wetness for disease risk monitoring
  • Dew Detection
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Dynamic Kc
  • Canopy Temperature to within +/- 0.5C
  • Full Radiation Budget 4% margin of error
  • Radiation
  • Solar Radiation
  • PAR 6% daily total
  • Net Radiation 10% margin of error
  • Plant Health
  • Chlorophyll Index
  • Seven Band Spectrometer
  • Weather
  • Temperature to within +/- 0.75C
  • Relative Humidity to within +/- 3%
  • Pressure 0.1% margin of error
  • Harvest / Event Timing
  • Growing Degree Days
  • Chilling Hours
  • Frost Forecast
  • Integrations / Accessories
  • Flow Meter
  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Soil Moisture Probes
  • Pressure Switch/Transducer

Scientific-Grade Accuracy

The Arable Mark is calibrated against top-of-the-line scientific equipment.

Install in Seconds

From the industrial designers behind GoPro and Nest, the Arable Mark brings consumer ease to an industry-grade product.

Grow Your Business

Our hardware-enabled software solution for weather and crop management.

Capture Granular
Ground Truth

Get scientific-quality readings across locations.
The only monitor on the planet to synthesize both climate and plant measurements.
Configure and integrate weather and crop data for your business.

Predict with Unprecedented Forecasting Accuracy

Customized weather forecasts for your field, not your county.
Dynamic Kc and ETc for your field, down to the plant.
Machine-learning, continuously updating forecast connects weather model output to in-field observations.

Act on Microclimate Benchmarking to Meet Your Challenges

Run field-level irrigation reports.
Track canopy cover with real-time NDVI.
Manage and prioritize action in variable microclimates utilizing over 40 custom data metrics.

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