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A Guide to Chlorophyll Index: A Key Indicator of Plant Health

Chlorophyll is one of the most important pigments in photosynthesis, also serving as a key indicator of plant health. By measuring chlorophyll index, we can better understand how well plants are photosynthesizing and whether they are suffering from stressors like…

Reviewing 2022 with Arable: Advancing Digital Agriculture Globally

The agriculture industry is facing unprecedented obstacles, and 2022 was no different. Consumers are demanding more sustainable products. Climate change is threatening the production of food, fuel, and fiber, and is straining the availability of natural resources. Global events continue…

A Guide to Shortwave Solar Radiation and Its Derivatives

Agricultural production is a complex process that involves a variety of environmental factors. Shortwave solar radiation, the primary driver of photosynthesis, is one of the most important environmental factors impacting production. Below, we'll explore shortwave solar radiation and its derivatives…

A Guide to Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

A critical way to measure the success of your agricultural management practices is by using NDVI. NDVI, or Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, is an excellent tool for measuring the health and vigor of your crop and detecting subtle changes in…

Arable Selected as Finalist for the Agrishow Startup Award

We are excited to announce that we have been selected as one of the finalists for the Agrishow Startup Awards. The awards, organized and curated by Core Innovation in partnership with Agrishow Labs, are focused on identifying and promoting the…

A Guide to Measuring Evapotranspiration & Crop Coefficient

Water and agriculture are inextricably linked. One agronomic variable that is key to successful crop production is evapotranspiration (ET). Ignoring this variable can impact crop quality and yields, especially during dry seasons and periods of water shortage. But when ET…

Arable is Named a Finalist for Verizon Climate Resilience Prize

We are proud to share that Arable has been selected as one of four finalists for Verizon’s inaugural Climate Resilience Prize in the Leading-Edge Technology Solutions category. The contest, sponsored by Verizon in partnership with GreenBiz Group and the Atlantic…

The Future of Ukrainian Agriculture Has Arrived

Jess Bollinger, Arable VP Sales and Business Development, recently went to Ukraine to meet with SmartFarming in Kyiv. While her goal was to discuss ways Arable could be woven into the country’s burgeoning agtech industry, she also came away with…

Traditional Farming, New Technologies

One of the most engaged and innovative people we’ve worked with, Mason is a master at understanding how deep and accurate data can take farming to the next level of efficiency. We interviewed him to see how he does it.

Elevating Cotton

We all know what cotton balls look like, but far fewer of us know what cotton bolls look like, much less have touched one. And the power of holding raw cotton in one’s hand is where the Black Cotton story begins.

A Valuable Partnership

Three friends, Richard (Dick), Darren and Dave, each with different professional backgrounds and skill sets, shared an ambition to bring the latest in relevant, reliable and profitable technology to Australia’s primary industries.

How Arable Achieves World-Class Accuracy

As a data and analytics company that powers better decisions in agriculture, Arable takes data accuracy and improvement very seriously. In a newly published white paper

Planning for Change

The last several decades have seen Australian agriculture increasingly plagued by scarcity of water. This trend, led to the creation of arguably the most sophisticated (and controversial) water market in the world, the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB).

Caburé Leads the Way in Argentina

Data science can be abstract, but what Arable provides for our customers is clear. We give growers around the world the agricultural information they need to make sound decisions in real time.

Sea Changes on the Farm: Al Tank on the New Order of Ag

We recently caught up with farm visionary Al Tank to talk about how the pandemic brought the industry to its knees, where he thinks we’re headed, and how data & technology play into its new trajectory. Al is an entrepreneur with a wide and varied career s

Smallholder Farmers Need Good Weather Data. How Do They Get It?

Last month, Arable Labs won the World Bank Ag Risk Innovation Challenge, tasked with building alternative methods of weather monitoring. The challenge declared that “weather data is essential for the development of risk finance mechanisms and other key to

California Coffee & the Data Behind the Beans

Trailblazers Frinj Coffee and Good Land Organics are building a new industry growing coffee in California. Data & technology help them mitigate risk, conserve resources, and dial in the quality of their premium specialty coffee beans.

With Tomatoes, Less Is More

California’s processing tomatoes, like its wine grapes, are typically drip irrigated to allow for a precise application of water.

Introducing Arable’s New CEO, Jim Ethington

Jim Ethington’s visit to Hewitt Vineyard. We are thrilled to welcome our new CEO, Jim Ethington, to the Arable team! Jim is the former VP of Product at The Climate Corporation, where he helped build Climate FieldView, the most widely…

Right as Rain

From radar backscatter to the sound of falling raindrops, the case for precision agricultural weather data.

Exploring Evapotranspiration

The process by which water is transported to the atmosphere, away from leaves and soil is called evapotranspiration, or ET.

A history of crop forecasting in 3 maps

At Arable, we’ve just been awarded a National Science Foundation SBIR Phase II grant to advance forecasting of timing, quality, and yield in specialty crops (fruits, vegetables, flowers, and nuts).

From leaf to globe and back

Piers Sellers passed away just before the end of the year, leaving many people with the last week of 2016 reconsidering his impact on their lives and on society.

Branding Arable

When I joined Arable, we were named after our invention, the Pulsepod, but not our vision of the future. The name came from the lab it was born in: Princeton University Low-Cost Sensors for the Environment.

East of Eden and the modern miracle of iceberg lettuce

In 1915, East of Eden’s protagonist, Adam Trask, bought a refrigerator and began experimenting with keeping meats, fruits, vegetables, and even lettuce on ice to see how long each could persist against inevitable decay.

Adrift in a data desert

In his history of our current era, “The Information,” James Gleick outlines the case for information to exist as a physical quantity, on equal footing with mass and energy as fundamental, measureable units that define the state of all existence.

In the News

You may have heard the news — we’ve been stoked about all the press coverage and enthusiasm for Arable and our Pulsepod over the last month.

Remote Sensing is so . . . Remote

Much of precision agriculture is focused on sizing up the damage after it’s already happened. There is a proliferation of imagery being used in precision agriculture from brute-force imaging by TerrAvion

Breaking Up with My Weather Station

If you asked me why I started this company, and I was speaking unfiltered from my gut, I would say because I have experienced such agony installing equipment from the usual cast of weather station manufacturers.

Springing forward with Arable

April finds us wrapping up a successful Alpha test run while working with select partners on Beta. Read below for more on how to sign up for our pilot launch, presenting at Rabobank’s FoodBytes!, and Pulsepod environmental testing.

Introducing Arable

This newsletter is long overdue and I want to share some big updates about our team…
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