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Arable Vision

See everything. Miss nothing.

Complete in-field visibility
—at your fingertips.

Arable Vision takes remote crop monitoring to a whole new level with daily high-resolution in-field images captured through the Mark 3’s 5MP camera. Image-driven insights are further enhanced by the comprehensive crop data captured simultaneously. The result? Faster, more informed decisions, lower risk, and better outcomes.

Get the full picture from within the field without having to be in the field.

Gain more meaningful insights into crop health, performance, and growth stages by easily correlating crop images taken in conjunction with rich multi-sensor weather, plant, soil, and irrigation data collected concurrently — all using a single, easy-to-deploy in-field device.

Bolster Efficiency

Save scouting trips to the field and optimize fieldwork by knowing the crop stage and conditions at all time.

Improve Collaboration

Download and share images to improve decision-making, validate that fieldwork has been completed, and solve problems faster.

Reduce Risk

Leverage remote diagnostics to identify signs of crop stress, pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies earlier than through field visits alone.

Enhance Traceability

Capture visual records throughout the season for sustainability verification, regulatory compliance, insurance claims, and more.

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