Arable – Decision Agriculture

Arable is the complete system that connects your decisions, plant insights, and weather observations to outcomes.


Capture everything in the plant-soil-weather system with just one app.


Trust farm-tough durability to get all the measurements that matter.


Set up in minutes with the push of a button, and start seeing value immediately.

Arable’s unique dataset, powerful agronomic models, and intuitive design help businesses across the agricultural spectrum optimize decisions, improve efficiency, and deliver sustainability. How can we help you?

See What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have extensively tested Arable’s Mark over the last two years and are convinced this integrated solution will support our customers to be more profitable and sustainable.”
Jeff Spencer, Head of Technology at xarvio
“We have examined dozens of new technologies, and Arable is exactly what we are looking for when choosing our partners.”
Guy Leventon, VP Digital Farming at Netafim
See how we create value
Higher Quality, Fewer Resources
A family farm in CA with 2400, acres of processing tomatoes wanted to track, control, and reduce the amount of irrigated water used, while maintaining yield and raising quality via higher soluble solid content.
Supply Chain Sustainability
A water sustainability initiative centered on reducing irrigation water pumped from the Ogallala Aquifer aims to use real-time, ground truth data to keep 2.4 billion gallons of water out of the beef supply chain.

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