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Arable Software

Gain deeper insight. Deliver better outcomes.

Make better, more informed decisions with real-time crop intelligence and actionable insights at your fingertips.

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Arable Mark 3 is Available Now!

Total crop intelligence. One simple system.

In one intuitive solution, Arable delivers unparalleled levels of visibility and insight by putting daily crop images, forecasts, as well as real-time weather, plant, soil, and irrigation intelligence all at your fingertips. With Arable you’ll see more, know more, and be empowered to grow more.


  • Temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • Solar Radiation
  • Wind Speed*
  • Wind Direction*
  • Vapor Pressure Deficit
  • Sunshine Duration
  • Dew Point Temperature
  • Sea Level Pressure

*Requires auxiliary sensor.


  • Daily Crop Images
  • Evapotranspiration (ETo, ETc, replacement ETc)
  • Growing Degree Days
  • Growth Stages
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Crop Water Balance
  • Crop Water Deficit
  • Heat Stress
  • NDVI
  • Chlorophyll Index
  • Chill Hours
  • Canopy Temp

Soil & Irrigation

  • Soil Moisture*
  • Soil Temperature*
  • Soil Salinity*
  • Irrigation Start & End Times*
  • Total Irrigation Run Time*
  • Last Irrigation Run Time*
  • Applied Irrigation*
  • Proximity to Refill Threshold
  • Irrigation to Replace ETC

Arable Web

  • Understand outcome drivers by linking weather events to plant development
  • Create your own seasons and assign growth stages for any crop variety
  • Drive operational decisions by comparing data across locations
  • Manage your teams’ work with customizable alerts and permissions
  • Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Arable Mobile

  • Access all your data anytime, anywhere with one simple mobile app
  • Reduce risk with real-time frost, heat, rainfall, growth, and device alerts
  • Take action on insights grouped by use, from irrigation to spray timing and more
  • Customize your permissions and preferences, and view data in 7 languages

Add Arable Data to Any System with API Integration

Bring the accuracy and coverage of Arable data to your favorite digital apps and systems—quickly and seamlessly.

Introducing Arable Water & Arable Vision

Unlock new levels of in-field visibility and intelligence with Arable’s latest innovations.

Arable Water

Enhance crop quality and sustainability with deep insight into your crop’s water needs and actual irrigation events.

Arable Vision

Keep eyes in the field even when you can’t be with daily crop images captured by the Arable Mark and delivered to the palm of your hand.

State-of-the-Art Simplicity

Get ground-truth data from the field on weather, soil, and crop response all in one place.

Accurate Data Delivered

Arable’s data accuracy is built on a machine learning foundation that improves each and every day through an extensive calibration and validation network.

  • 50+ research sites
  • Partnerships with more than 30 global research institutions
  • Representation across 15 climate zones
  • Co-location with gold-standard instruments

Award-Winning Technology

“This technology just makes sense to me. I love the platform, the user interface, and the way it interacts. It’s the best of the seven different systems I’ve tried over the years.”


Agropecuaria El Arranque

Imagine Your Possibilities

Explore the many ways farming enterprises are harnessing Arable data to improve outcomes.


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Yield & Quality

Water & Nutrients

Pesticide Use

Farm Logistics

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