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Data Analytics and Integration

Drive better decisions at every phase in the growing cycle with accurate crop analytics delivered when and where you need it.

The Next Generation of Arable’s Crop Intelligence Solution Is Available Now

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Agronomic Insights Made Simple

Arable Analytics transforms highly accurate, localized data harvested from the field into actionable insights and alerts for easy consumption on the devices of your choosing.

Arable Web

  • Understand outcome drivers by linking weather events to plant development
  • Create your own seasons and assign growth stages for any crop variety
  • Drive operational decisions by comparing data across locations
  • Manage your teams’ work with customizable alerts and permissions

Arable Mobile

  • Access all your data anytime, anywhere with one simple mobile app
  • Reduce risk with real-time frost, heat, rainfall, growth, and device alerts
  • Take action on insights grouped by use, from irrigation to spray timing and more
  • Customize your permissions and preferences, and view data in 7 languages

Add Arable Data to Any System with API Integration

Bring the accuracy and coverage of Arable data to your favorite digital apps and systems—quickly and seamlessly.

Imagine Your Possibilities

Explore the many ways farming enterprises are harnessing Arable data to improve outcomes.


Agronomic Advice

Food Supply Chain

Sustainability Impact

Yield & Quality

Water & Nutrients

Pesticide Use

Farm Logistics

“This technology just makes sense to me. I love the platform, the user interface, and the way it interacts. It’s the best of the seven different systems I’ve tried over the years.”


Agropecuaria El Arranque

Award-Winning Technology

State-of-the-Art Simplicity

Get ground-truth data from the field on weather, soil, and crop response all in one place.

Learn More with Arable Measurement Guides

Read Arable’s measurement guides and learn how to use ETc, NDVI, and precipitation data to understand crop performance and make more informed decisions.

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