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Meeting Water Conservation Goals Through Optimized Irrigation

Arable’s solution for optimizing water use is proven, cost-effective, and easy to implement for farmers and corporate stewardship programs.

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Unlocking the Potential of Optimizing Irrigation in Agriculture

Viable solutions that enable growers to optimize water use while preserving yields have never been more critical. They hold the key to conserving hundreds of billions of gallons of water each year.

At Arable, we share your dedication to water conservation and agricultural resiliency. Like you, we are committed to ensuring that farming operations everywhere have sustainable access to water resources today and for generations to come.

The Global Agricultural Water Crisis

The percent of the global food supply that comes from irrigated vs rainfed agriculture.

— The World Bank

The rate climate change will accelerate water depletion.

— University of Michigan

The percent of ag production that relies on unsustainable groundwater extraction.

— The National Institute of Health

Arable Is Helping Organizations 
Around the Globe Advance Sustainable Agriculture

“The Arable system gives us access to critical decision-making data when we need it and plays a pivotal role in producing high-quality wine sustainably.”

Director of Technical Viticulture, Sustainability, and Research, Treasury Americas

Solving the Farmer’s Chronic Water Dilemma

Farmers everywhere confront a serious dilemma. They must conserve water for future seasons, but they also must maintain yields every season. In the absence of reliable data, their instinct is to overwater, often by just a little, in order to ensure yield quality. Over time, that overwatering carries escalating costs.

Arable’s unique combination of simplicity and uncommonly accurate agronomic insights takes the guesswork out of irrigation decisions. It empowers farmers to conserve water and preserve yields in ways that are easy, trustworthy, and scalable.

Why Arable for Water Sustainability

Easy to Deploy and Scale

Unlike other irrigation technologies, Arable deploys in minutes and requires no maintenance, so farmers can adopt it with minimal time and effort.

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Trusted, Actionable Insights

Arable gives farmers accurate, comprehensive irrigation data they can trust, captured in the field and in context with weather, plant, and soil so they can make irrigation decisions with confidence.

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Proven Outcomes

Our solutions have already conserved water use by hundreds of million gallons and that number is growing every day.

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Extensive Partnerships

We partner with local governments, NGO’s, and corporations around the world to connect directly with farmers to meet diverse water stewardship objectives.

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Easy to Deploy and Scale

Arable’s award-winning, IoT-based sensing technology sets up in minutes and requires zero maintenance. The in-field device features a comprehensive, pre-integrated suite of advanced sensors that enable a single device to capture and synthesize weather, plant, soil, and irrigation data to power the delivery of real-time crop intelligence.

“It has been an amazing experience to work with the Arable Mark sensors. I have never seen a sensor made so easy for installation.”


Postdoc Scholar at Land Air Water Resources (LAWR), UC Davis

Trusted, Actionable Insights

Arable helps growers optimize water use by capturing weather, plant, soil, and irrigation data from within the field, not miles away, and transforming that data into actionable insights delivered to any device.

With real-time visibility into the crop’s unique water balance requirements, growers can determine optimal irrigation timing and amount to maintain ideal soil moisture levels to maximize plant health and vigor throughout the season.

Using Arable, growers are empowered to make confident, data-driven decisions that minimize use of water resources without compromising yields or quality.

Water Balance

Rainfall, Irrigation Amounts, Crop Evapotranspiration

Crop Insights

Growth Stages & Canopy Temperature

Soil Moisture

Multi-Depth, Accurate, Tuned to Field’s Soil Type

“Arable is very easy to use and having soil, ET, irrigation, weather, and degree days all in one place saves me time, improves visibility, and is more cost-effective.”

Viticulture & Grower Relations Manager, Clos du Val

Proven Outcomes

Corn & Soybean Producer Reduces Irrigation by 22%

In 2023, a large farm in the midwest used Arable to inform daily irrigation decisions for 27 fields spanning 3500 acres. The Arable system provided a highly accurate picture of how much water the crop needed and how much rainfall occurred in each field.

Irrigation 2022
Irrigation 2023
Irrigation Reduction (YoY)

The full reduction was 36% but was adjusted for the more favorable weather conditions that occurred in 2022 vs 2023.

Extensive Partnerships

At Arable, we are dedicated to advancing agricultural resilience through innovative solutions that enhance productivity while reducing environmental footprints. Our partnerships with local governments, NGO’s, and corporations facilitate a hands-on approach to support the adoption of new technology and ensure our customers realize productivity and sustainability gains.

Bonsucro Project

Bonsucro Project

Monitoring network for efficient use of water and pesticides in sugarcane production

World Food Program

World Food Program

Partnering with the World Food Programme to Improve Crop Yields—and Lives—in Mozambique

Tomorrow Now

Tomorrow Now

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant Funds Arable and Others, Helping African Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

National Sorghum

National Sorghum

Arable Partners with the National Sorghum Producers to Advance Climate-Smart Commodities



Arable and Shell Collaborate on Carbon Breakthrough in Agriculture

Arable Can Help You
Meet Your Water Conservation Goals

Measure and Baseline

The Arable solution offers simple and cost-effective water measurement capabilities for both pivot and drip irrigation methods.

Improve and Iterate

Arable’s irrigation optimization tools and dedicated customer success teams help farmers improve decisions year over year.

Deliver Sustainable Results

Your goals are unique. We are equipped to support highly customized projects of any duration (5+ years) and in nearly any agricultural region.

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