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Clos du Val Optimizes Irrigation and Boosts Efficiency with Arable

The Arable team recently sat down with Ryan Decker, Viticulture and Grower Relations Manager at Clos du Val, to discuss his leadership in bringing the latest agtech innovations to the award-winning winery. We talked about how new innovations helped him overcome legacy tech challenges and how these efforts have fueled irrigation optimizations and enhanced vineyard management efficiencies.

Clos du Val, a Napa Valley wine producer established in 1972, faced a number of challenges with its existing vineyard monitoring systems, including siloed data streams, inadequate and unreliable information and recommendations, and hard-to-use systems.

To help address these issues, Ryan Decker, the winery’s viticulture and grower relations manager, turned to Arable’s crop intelligence solution. With Arable’s comprehensive system, Ryan was able to consolidate in-field weather, plant, soil, and irrigation data to gain enhanced visibility and insights.

Among other benefits, Arable’s solution allowed Ryan to confidently make vineyard management decisions, especially in optimizing irrigation based on ET, soil, and applied irrigation data. Arable also delivered insights for frost and heat alerts, sunlight hours for ripening speed, growth stage monitoring, and weather forecasts for harvest planning. Arable’s mobile app facilitated on-the-go access to key information, while the web-based interface enabled deeper analysis.

“Arable is much more than a weather station. I see it as the system I use to inform my farming decisions. It gives me the data I need when I need it, so I don’t have to hassle with spreadsheets or rely solely on gut feel. With Arable, I’m able to make quick, confident decisions all throughout the season.”

RYAN DECKER, Viticulture and Grower Relations Manager, Clos Du Val


As a result of deploying Arable, Clos du Val was able to realize significant advantages, including:

  • Improved irrigation optimization
  • Informed planning
  • Enhanced responsiveness
  • Notable time and cost savings

Arable’s integrated system streamlined the tech stack, consolidating weather, ET, and soil monitoring functionalities, leading to greater convenience and value. Now, Ryan is able to focus on optimizing fruit quality, improving grower relations, and contributing value to other aspects of the business, ultimately setting a stronger course for the future of Clos du Val.

Read the full case study to learn more.

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