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Arable Honored as One of America’s Top GreenTech Companies by TIME Magazine

Award Highlights Arable’s Revolutionary Data-Driven Irrigation Management and Its Contribution to Environmental Sustainability

March 5th, 2024 – Arable, the leader in crop intelligence, proudly announces its recognition as one of America’s top sustainability-focused companies for 2024 by TIME Magazine, in partnership with Statista. This significant honor also highlights Arable’s groundbreaking work in transforming irrigation management within agriculture, marking a pivotal advancement in sustainable farming practices.

The selection process for America’s Top GreenTech Companies 2024 followed a rigorous examination conducted by TIME and Statista, evaluating over 4,600 U.S.-headquartered organizations for their positive environmental impact, financial strength, and innovation drive. Arable stood out for its remarkable achievement in revolutionizing precision irrigation strategies, a testament to the company’s innovative spirit and its commitment to addressing the global challenges of water scarcity and agricultural sustainability.

“As environmental sustainability becomes increasingly critical, Arable’s contributions exemplify the profound influence that innovative technologies can have on preserving natural resources and promoting a healthier planet,” said Jim Ethington, CEO of Arable. “This accolade from TIME Magazine and Statista further validates our team’s dedication and the transformative impact of our solutions on the agriculture sector.”

In a single intuitive system, Arable combines accurate in-field weather, plant, soil and irrigation data with advanced modeling and machine learning to deliver actionable insights. By accurately determining water demands based on factors like evapotranspiration rates, soil moisture levels, and growth stages, Arable’s technology enables optimized water usage, maintains ideal soil moisture thresholds, and enhances crop health and yield. At scale, Arable enables the conservation of billions of gallons of water annually while helping farmers achieve higher efficiency and crop productivity.

The inclusion of Arable as one of America’s top sustainability-­focused companies not only underscores the company’s environmental and innovative excellence but also highlights its pivotal role in the burgeoning green technology sector, which is expected to reach $9.5 trillion by 2030.

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