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Arable Brand

For Partner Use

We love collaborating with partners across the agricultural and environmental space to expand access to Arable’s unique deep data and analytics. We welcome the use of our name and logo by our partners and distributors when promoting these partnerships in advertising, brochures, catalogs, banners, websites, social media, and more, and have written a guide on how to ensure successful brand alignment.


We are Arable, and our products are the Arable Mark 2 (the Mark 2), Arable Bridge (Bridge, auxiliary sensor connector; plural), and Arable Solar (Solar, exterior solar panel). Neither our legal name Arable Labs, Inc. nor Arable Labs are to be used in promotional materials.

When referring to our products in plural, do not add an s to the end of the name, instead refer to them as: Mark 2 devices, Bridge connectors, and Solar panels.

Logo & Placement

The Arable name and logo are trademarked and belong exclusively to Arable Labs, Inc. Arable reserves the right to inspect and approve all use of its name and logo by the partner, dealer, or distributor. The Arable logo can only be used if you have an existing partnership and you’ve reached out to your Arable contact to secure formal approval from the Arable brand team.

The Arable identity holds the promise of simplicity and excellence, which is reflected in all that we do. The Arable name and logo should not be modified, skewed, or distorted in any way. It should not appear over a busy background, should not have a drop shadow, and should not look pixelated. It may only appear horizontally, not tilted in any direction. It should not have a drop shadow behind it.

Logo Options

The Arable logo for partner use comes in two colors and two orientations, square (stacked vertically) and rectangular (horizontal). Either can be used interchangeably. Downloadable logo artwork is available in various graphic formats here, and should not be typeset manually.

Logo Display

No other logo should be displayed within a distance of 2x the line width of the orange mark from the Arable logo (including wordmark).

Icon Options

We have several versions of our icon, for use in illustrations, apps, and integrations. Download them here.


The Arable logo for partner use comes in two colors. Both of them have an orange mark:

RGB: 247, 75, 27
HEX: #F74B1B
CMYK: 0, 85, 100, 1

One of them has ARABLE written in blue:

RGB: 23, 115, 198
HEX: #1773C6
CMYK: 84, 53, 0, 0

And the other in a warm white:

RGB: 255, 254, 253
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

These can be used interchangeably depending on the requirements dictated by the background color.

Arable has a palette of primary and secondary colors you may choose to incorporate for presentations, onesheets, graphics, and other assets. Download our PDF here.


Arable has a rich collection of product and field photography that we welcome our partners to use in their own collateral. We have compiled them here. If anything you want is missing, especially app screenshots, please let us know and we’ll add it.

We hope these guidelines have been helpful, and look forward to seeing them in action. We can’t express enough our gratitude to be working together to bring better data to agriculture across the globe. If you have any questions or great ideas, please contact the Arable Marketing Team at

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