The Arable Mark 2
The world's only integrated in-field weather and plant monitor delivers the data you need to optimize decisions
Arable's flagship tool collects over 40 climate and plant metrics in one simple, maintenance-free device.
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“I just love this product. We pushed one button and it worked all season.”
Yechiam Getz, Agronomist at Netafim
“Arable has the most uptime and the least maintenance, which is super important to us.”
Digital Agronomy Technical Manager at Syngenta
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Watch our video to learn how Mark 2 data helps drive informed decision-making.

Arable’s Calibration & Validation Network

Arable has partnered with over 30 global research institutions across the full spectrum of agricultural climate zones. Our Mark 2 devices are stationed alongside research-grade instruments for continuous calibration and validation of all our measurements. We use machine learning to continuously refine our data and forecasting accuracy. As more data points are collected—we add more than 1.5 million data points a week—our accuracy improves.
Mark 2 Measurements
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