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Arable Mark 3 Recognized as a Top Innovative Product of 2023 by Seed World U.S.

January 16, 2024 – Arable, the leader in crop intelligence, is proud to announce that its Mark 3 IoT-based sensing and monitoring device has been named one of Seed World U.S.’s Top Innovative Products of 2023. This recognition underscores Arable’s commitment to advancing digital agriculture and spotlights the critical role of innovation in the seed industry as it rises to meet global challenges like food security, climate change, and sustainable land use.

The Mark 3 serves as the cornerstone of Arable’s intuitive crop intelligence solution, boasting unparalleled functionality, exceptional data accuracy, and user-friendly operation. It enables vast amounts of complex field-level data to be collected in real-time, synthesized, and transformed into actionable insights. This empowers breeders and seed producers worldwide to make well-informed, timely decisions that are crucial for conducting efficient field trials and consistently producing high-quality, profitable seeds.

“We are honored that the Arable Mark 3 has been recognized as one of the Top Innovations of 2023 by Seed World U.S.,” said Jim Ethington, CEO of Arable. “Blending advanced in-field sensing capabilities with ease of use and farm-tough durability, the Mark 3 is fueling transformative changes in the seed industry. It has unlocked new levels of visibility and insight for breeders and producers alike, empowering them to enhance product quality, maximize production, and advance sustainable farming methods. This breakthrough signifies the onset of a new era in digital agriculture, where data-centric insights not only boost efficiency and productivity but also foster better management and conservation of agricultural resources.”

Powered by the Mark 3, the Arable system has become an indispensable tool for the seed industry because of its comprehensive data capabilities, precision, maintenance-free operation, integration ability, and global-level scalability. For breeding, it optimizes and expedites the seed selection process, enabling precise matching of seed traits with their optimal environmental conditions while standardizing datasets at local, regional, and global levels. Such precision is pivotal for developing seeds with the utmost potential for yield and resilience. Additionally, Arable’s real-time monitoring grants seed producers unprecedented insight into crop conditions, enabling them to operate more efficiently and minimize risk while achieving quality and yield goals.

The introduction of the award-winning Mark 3 in-field device positions Arable as a catalyst for technological advancement in the seed sector, delivering better information and enhanced decision-making capabilities. Armed with Arable’s comprehensive, actionable intelligence, the seed industry can amplify productivity throughout the value chain, drive better ecological outcomes, strengthen customer loyalty with high-performing products, and thrive in a rapidly changing global ecosystem.


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