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Total Crop Intelligence in One Simple System

Video Transcript

What Arable’s products can really help you do is to start by getting a better understanding of what’s happening across your operation.

They’ve really demystified the process of collecting data in the field.

The Arable solution is really powered by the Arable Mark. It is an in-field IoT device that is measuring the weather and plant parameters.

Arable makes data collection very simple.

There’s no wires. It has a solar panel in the device.

It has a very low profile and you can put it right in the crop.

It installs in about five minutes. You just need a post. Then it’s a single button push to connect to the cellular network. Data immediately begins transmitting to our servers and appears within five minutes in your web and mobile apps.

There’s nothing else on the market that packs this much information into something that is so easy to deploy and then brings me back all of that information in one place.

Having better data helps us make more informed decisions. Ultimately, my job is to deliver the best grapes I can, and I need tools that are going to help me do that. The Mark, it gives you the ability to see what the plants are doing.

The Arable Mark measures everything you would expect from traditional weather analytics: temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, solar radiation. But then we also measure plant outcomes, things like leaf wetness, accumulated leaf wetness, NDVI, chlorophyll indices, and crop evapotranspiration.

It gives you the information you need to go forward to make sure you’re making the right educated decision when you’re out in the field.

We provide the most robust analytics, the highest grade information about your plants and the weather in your fields that are going to optimize yield outcomes and profitability.

There’s something about having a device that’s touching my vines, talking to these plants that’s giving you field specific information about your crop, your plants, your area.

Visibility across your operation in the palm of your hand whenever you need it.

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